Now only available for purchase in conjunction with Slimware ® DriverUpdate Utility

One password to simplify your online life

*Stand-alone application is coming soon, please check back in a few weeks!

*This product is currently available for purchase on PC only, please open this page in your web browser.

Why use the Slimware® Password Manager utility?

Store Every Password

One secure location for all your passwords for websites, apps, Wi-Fi, everything.

Instant Website Login

Visit a website and your username and password are entered instantly for you.

Peace of Mind

You can generate unique passwords that are different for every site.

One login allows you to access all of your passwords from anywhere, on any of your devices

How does Slimware® Password Manager Utility Protect Your Passwords?

Multiple layers of security protect your personal information to make sure you are the only one with access

256-Bit AES Encryption

protects your data with the same standard used by banks and governments.

One Master Password

means that only you can view your account, to access your saved passwords.

Two-factor Login

without your master password, not even Slimware® Password Manager has access to your saved passwords.

Included Features
Slimware® Password Manager Easy-to-Use Software for All of Your Devices
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Unlimited Password Storage
Check / Yes
Unlimited Devices on Your Account
Check / Yes
Automatic Login to Websites and Apps
Check / Yes
2-Step Verification
Check / Yes
Unlimited Sharing of Passwords
Check / Yes
Strong Encryption with AES-256
Check / Yes
Create Unique Passwords for Every Website
Check / Yes
Save Your Digital Records
Check / Yes
Simple Online Shopping Will Fill All Your Payment and Shipping Details
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Priority Customer Support to Get Your Questions Answered Fast
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Slimware® Password Manager utility is available in conjunction with the Slimware® DriverUpdate™ utility.