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Fast and friendly support from specialized technicians for PC as well as many of the digital accessories that power your day. Including top-notch help for devices with Android® and for iOS® devices!

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PC Support Includes:
  • Optimize Computer Speed
  • Accelerate Start-Up Speed
  • New Computer Setup
  • Remove Viruses and Malware
  • Install Software & Hardware
  • Improve Internet Connectivity
  • Add/Remove Users from Sign-in
  • Set Desktop Backgrounds & Screensavers
  • Troubleshoot Issues & Bugs
  • Troubleshoot Accessories such as Printers and Scanners
  • Run Windows® Updates
  • Assist with Email Issues
Device Support for Android® Includes:
  • Set up New Phone or Upgrade from Old Phone
  • Reset/Erase Phone
  • Backup Photos, Videos, Emails, Text Messages, Contacts
  • Add E-Mail Account
  • Change Ring Tone
  • Connect to Wireless Network
  • Tethering/Portable Hotspot
  • Connect to Bluetooth® Enabled Devices
  • Transfer Files
  • Install/Uninstall Apps
  • Troubleshoot Apps
  • How to Use Phone
iOS® Device Support Includes:
  • iOS® Device Updates
  • Recover Apple® ID & Reset Password
  • New Device Setup & Reset Existing Device
  • Backup to iTunes® app or iCloud® service
  • Reset/Erase Phone
  • Connect to Wireless Network
  • Setup personal Hotspot
  • Connect to Bluetooth® Enabled Devices
  • Configure Email Account
  • Syncing with iTunes® app
  • Install/Uninstall Apps
  • Troubleshoot Apps
Call Now* 1-800-820-1386 *Additional Offers Applicable

Slimware Premium Support is an online PC tech support service that is committed to helping users have better experiences with their computers and related devices. Our PC technicians can quickly and securely connect to any computer to diagnose problems. We take the guess-work out of upgrades and repairs with our expert tech support service, we not only fix issues but optimize and improve computer performance. We offer on demand help and PC tech support, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tech support has been around for as long as there have been computers, but Slimware Premium Support isn’t just a quick fix, it’s like having a personalized tech assistant, on call whenever you want.

When you have a baffling and frustrating computer issue, you don’t necessarily want to waste time trying to explain everything that’s happening to a disaffected support staff. Our experts PC technicians can – with permission – remote into your computer and solve the problems themselves.

What’s more, you can use our tech support for most PC-related issues. Maybe something isn’t broken but you want to optimize your systems performance, boost Internet speed, interface your phone with your computer, or even customize the look and feel of your system. Slimware Premium Support is your go-to consultant to assist you with your PC needs.

We cover PC software issues that may prevent your PC from running properly, and integration issues with devices attached to your PC.

We cover all Windows® operating systems: 7, 8, XP, Vista and 10. Does your phone or tablet have an Android OS? We can help troubleshoot problems with that device as well.

We cannot fix broken hardware devices which require physical intervention. And while we’ll endeavor to resolve issues with software programs for other operating systems beyond Microsoft® Windows®, we cannot provide detailed product support for 3rd party software applications, or teach you how to use them. However, our reps will do their best to answer any questions about software programs about which they have first-hand knowledge.

So you’ve got a problem – what do you do? Once you contact Slimware Premium Support, the first thing we’ll do is seek to establish what the problem is verbally. We’ll ask you questions about your issues and narrow down some solutions.

Once that’s done, we’ll ask you for permission to initiate a remote access session. This secure connection will allow a support representative to view and operate your computer. This provides a way of visually assessing the extent of a potential problem or issue you want to improve.

If we determine that our service will offer assistance, then we will ask you to sign up for Slimware Premium Support. We will ask you to navigate to our secure payment site and register for an account.

Once your account has been created we will endeavor to resolve your issues to your maximum satisfaction. Because your account is then established, you can call our Slimware Premium Support center whenever you want for the duration of your plan, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If we cannot fix initial issues with your PC on the day you sign up, we’ll give you a full refund. After day one, customers of our installment plans may cancel before the next payment is due without incurring further charges.

Refund Policy:

If we cannot fix initial issues with your PC on the day you sign up, we’ll give you a full refund. After day one, customers of our installment plans may cancel before the next payment is due without incurring further charges.

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24/7 Support
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Call Now* 1-800-820-1386 *Additional Offers Applicable