Scan and detect risks on your home WiFi network

Secure your home network from hackers

HomeNetGuard scans your connected devices for weak passwords and notifies you about login attempts using common/weak credentials on open ports. HomeNetGuard also sends you an alert each time an unknown device connects to your home network.

Homenetguard notification

How does HomeNetGuard work?

  1. Glass Icon
    Scan your connected devices for security risks
  2. Check Icon
    Check network and device security status
  3. Bell Icon
    Receive alerts when an unknown device joins your network
  4. Lock Icon
    Keep your home network protected from unwanted hackers and intruders

Loaded with features

  • Detects and highlights network security flaws:
    • Default wifi name
    • Weak passwords
    • Poor encryption protocols
    • Accessibility from public networks
  • Monitors connected devices like:
    • Baby Monitors
    • Smart TVs
    • Laptops
    • Smart speakers
    • WiFi Printers
    • Smartphones, etc
  • Alerts for new or monitored devices
  • Ability to scan additional networks
  • Ability to test internet download and upload speeds

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HomeNetGuard?

HomeNetGuard is a Windows® based tool from Slimware Utilities Holdings, Inc that detects and scans devices connected to your home network to identify potential risks and offers suggestions about how to address them.

Changed your network service provider?

No worries! HomeNetGuard allows you to easily change your home network in case you set another connection (e.g VPN, Ethernet). Our smart security application remembers all devices previously connected to your home network and notifies about new ones, so you are always made aware of who is connected to your home network devices.
Want to monitor connectivity of a specific device, example how long is your child on their tablets or mobile phones? HomeNetGuard provides the ability to set up monitoring for any or all devices you want and get alerts when a device appears or disappears from the network.

How does it work?
HomeNetGuard is a Windows® based utility software. Once installed on a user’s PC or laptop, it detects all networks and connected devices. It provides an ability to scan all recognized devices for vulnerabilities by clicking ‘Scan Now’ button or perform an automated scan every 24 hours using a scheduled scan feature. User can also manually initiate scanning of a particular device. Once a security issue is identified HomeNetGuard informs the user about it and provides suggestions on how to enhance the network security and protect unwanted hackers and intruders from connecting to devices on your home network.
What is the difference between a detection scan and security scan?

During a network detection scan, HomeNetGuard identifies all devices connected to your home network and provides detailed information about each device. The network detection scan launches every 5 min by default. The main purpose of this scan is to detect new devices connected to the home network. Once a new device joins the network, our application alerts the user about its standard dialogs or toasters.

Security scan is launched every 24 hours automatically or by clicking the ‘Scan Now’ button from the Home screen or Device details screen. During the security scan HomeNetGuard identifies potentially vulnerable devices which have open ports or weak passwords, notifies the user about them and provides helpful advice on how to resolve security issues.

Is my network protected from viruses with HomeNetGuard?
HomeNetGuard cannot prevent the devices connected to your home network from getting infected with malware. Its role is to detect their security issues and to come with recommendations to help you improve the security level of your entire network.
What kind of devices are detected by HomeNetGuard?
HomeNetGuard is able to detect any wireless device that is turned on and connected to your home network. Wireless devices can either be smart home devices such as baby monitors, WiFi cameras, games consoles, smart TVs, but also Windows based devices like printers, speakers, etc.
Security issues have been found in my network. What should I do?

To begin, it is important to know what security issues have been found. If weak login credentials are the problem, change the password you have set with a stronger one in which you include numbers, capital letters, lowercase letters and symbols. We highly recommend that you install the latest firmware update, and if possible, make sure that the login credentials are enabled and difficult to guess.

Need additional help? Click here to review how to address security issues.

How to uninstall HomeNetGuard?

Follow these steps to uninstall the program:

  • In Windows 7:
    1. Click Start Menu, then click Control Panel.
    2. Find "Program - Uninstall a program and open Windows Program Manager.
    3. Find HomeNetGuard icon in the list and click Uninstall.
  • In Windows 8 and Windows 8.1:
    1. Open Start menu.
    2. Start typing in the Start screen: "uninstall a program". Click "Uninstall a program" in the search results to open the Add/Remove Programs Manager.
    3. Select HomeNetGuard icon in the list and click Uninstall.
  • In Windows 10:
    1. Open the Windows search bar and search for Apps & Features. Or just search for the word Uninstall.
    2. Scroll down the list until you find HomeNetGuard.
    3. Click on the row to select. And then choose Uninstall.

System Requirements:

Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 / CPU: >1.8 GHz / RAM: 200 MB / Minimum 50MB available disk space